St. Johns County Beaches

1. How frequently do you visit St. Johns County Beaches?
2. In which season do you visit the beach most often?
3. Which area of St. Johns County Beaches do you prefer to visit? (mark all that apply)
4. With whom do you travel to St. Johns County Beaches with? (mark all that apply)
5. How do you usually access the beaches in St. Johns County? (please rank in order)
On Beach Parking
Off Beach Parking
Public Transit
6. Do you ever travel to the beach with someone who suffers from a handicap disability?
7. If so, how do you access the beach?
8. How do you feel about paying a fee to access the beach with your vehicle?
9. How do you feel about paying a fee for off beach parking?
10. Do you ever purchase beach access passes for your vehicles?
11. If so, where do you purchase your vehicle pass?
12. If so, when do you purchase your vehicle access pass?
13. What type of vehicle do you access the beach with?
14. Would you ever consider paying a service fee to rent a beach chair or cabana on St. Johns County Beaches?
15. Why do you visit St. Johns County Beaches? (mark all that apply)
16. As a beachgoer, do you ever bring your pet(s) to the beach?
17. If so, how often?
18. What type of services do you look for when visiting St. Johns County Beaches? (mark all that apply)
19. On your typical beach outing, do you utilize any of these commercial services traveling to, from, or while at the beach? (mark all that apply)
20. During your typical beach outing, on average how much money do you spend throughout the day, including travel costs?
21. Which of the following is a priority for you at St. Johns County Beaches?
22. Lastly, please share any comments you may have regarding St. Johns County beaches.
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