Sizzle 2011 Instructor Survey

1. Do you share Sizzle with your students?
2. How do you share Sizzle with your students?
3. During your school’s most recent ACFEF site visit, did a member of the team talk with you about sharing Sizzle with your students?
4. Which of the following tools would you find helpful in using Sizzle in the classroom?
5. Which of the following resources would you find helpful in promoting Sizzle to your students?
6. Do you find the editorial content in Sizzle useful for your students?
7. Which of the following sections do you find most interesting?
8. In 2012, Sizzle will be available as an app for iPads, iPhones and Android phones. Do you think this will boost readership among your students?
9. What response have your students given regarding the digital Sizzle?
10. Do you like or follow Sizzle on Facebook and Twitter?
11. What school do you work at?
12. In what city and state is your school located?
13. How large is your school?
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