Sew News Survey

1. Are you a Sew News subscriber or did you buy this issue on the newsstand?
2. Why did you buy/subscribe to Sew News magazine? (Please check all that apply.)
3. How much total time do you usually spend with an issue of Sew News magazine?
4. Which, if any, of the following actions have you ever taken as a result of seeing an advertisement in Sew News magazine? (Please check all that apply.)
5. Which of the following sewing magazines do you read regularly (at least 3 out of 4 issues)?
6. How many years have you been sewing?
7. How do you rate your sewing ability?
8. What are some of the reasons why you sew? (Please check all that apply.)
9. How often do you sew?
10. Approximately how many hours do you spend sewing per week?
11. What type of projects do you sew? (Please check all that apply.)
12. Approximately how many garments have you constructed in the past 12 months?
13. How often do you visit your favorite fabric/sewing/quilting store?
14. Where do you shop most often for your sewing supplies? (Please check all that apply.)
15. Are you considering or planning to purchase a new sewing machine in the next 12 months?
16. If yes, what price range of sewing machine are you considering?
17. Approximately how much did you spend (including home decor and garments) on your sewing supplies in the last 12 months? (Excluding purchase of sewing & embroidery machines and sergers.)
18. How many projects have you started and/or completed in the last 12 months?
19. Do you watch sewing programs on television? If so, which ones? (Check all that apply.)
20. Do you own a personal computer?
21. If yes, is your computer a:
22. If yes, do you use it with your sewing machine?
23. Have you accessed the Internet in the last 30 days?
24. If yes, how often do you go online?
25. What are the primary reasons you visit sewing websites? (Please check all that apply.)
26. What sewing machine brand do you use most?