1. Do you need childcare during the EPSC/DPS 2011 meeting?
2. What stage of your career are you in?
3. If you need childcare during a DPS, specify ages and anticipated hours/day of required care as a daily average over the meeting week:
AgeDaily Care Requirement
1st child
2nd child
3rd child
4th child
5th child
4. If child care costs are hindering you now (or have hindered you in the past) from attending meetings, what level of support would be needed? (Check all that apply)
Assist with cost of backup care at home for child(ren)
Assist with cost of airfare for child(ren)
Assist with cost of airfare for caregiver
Assist with daycare costs at the meeting
5. When would providing family-friendly options (day care, lactation rooms, etc.) at DPS meetings be most beneficial to you?
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