Adas Community Needs Assessment - 
Adas Israel strives to provide programming that meets the needs of the Adas community. Please take this brief survey so we can investigate our ability to provide programming in these areas. Thanks for your help.

1. Parent(s) Name(s)
2. Age(s) of your children
3. Do you have a child currently enrolled in one of our programs?
4. If Adas Israel provided educational programming/childcare until 6 PM during the work week, would your family be interested? If yes, what factors are contributing to this need?
5. What type of programming do you have in mind? Childcare/aftercare/Judaic programming/cultural programming/fitness/athletics, etc.
6. Adas has a policy of inclusivity for families with children who have special needs. Is there a need that Adas Israel is not serving for your family? If yes, what is the need?
7. I would like to speak to a staff person or lay leader about an issue addressed in the survey (yes or no). If yes, please provide preferred contact information.
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