University of Toledo Main Campus
1 Year Multi-Function Device (copier) Evaluation

1. What is the name of your Department?
2. Department Location (Building and Room Number)
3. Model of MFD Machine (found on front of MFD)
4. Does your department's MFD print in black/white, or both black/white and color?
5. Please rate the following dimensions of your Multi-Functional Device
Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedVery DissatisfiedN/A
Ease of Use
Quality Compared to using a normal printer
Overall cost of printing (including toner, paper and all repairs) compared to using a normal printer
Professionalism of Service Technician Staff
Responsiveness of Service Technicians to service requests (submitted by calling x5105 or emailing VoiceMail.RicohCopiers@UToledo.Edu)
Responsiveness of Auxiliary Services Staff to MFD requests and move requests
Ability for Service Technicians to Answer Questions
Resources Available Online
6. How do you utilize the Multi-Functional Devices? (check all that apply)
7. Overall, do you prefer printing to a Mulit-Functional Device or normal printer?
8. Please tell us how we can improve your Multi-Functional Device Experience
9. Would you like us to contact you for further clarification on Multi-Fuctional Device use? If yes, please provide your name and phone number.
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