Readers Choice Awards- Iowa Momentum

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Fill in the blank to show your vote for your favorite in each category in the First Annual Iowa Momentum Readers Choice Awards. Be precise in your spelling so that the results sort properly. The top three finalists will be recognized in our March, 2013 issue. Cast your vote by Feb. 1, 2013. Please limit your vote to one entry per person. Let the voting begin! 
1. Top Marathon
2. Top Half Marathon
3. Top Cross Country Run
4. Top 5K Run
5. Top 10K Run
6. Top Other Distance
7. Top Warrior Run
8. Top Triathlon- Olympic distance
9. Top Triathlon- Sprint distance
10. Top Triathlon, Ironman (does not need to be in Iowa)
11. Top Triathlon, Half-Ironman distance (does not need to be in Iowa)
12. Top Indoor Triathlon
13. Top Mountain Bike Race
14. Top Road Bike Road Race
15. Top Criterium
16. Top Gravel Bike Race
17. Top Cyclocross Race
18. Top Time Trial
19. Top place to buy running gear
20. Top place to buy cycling gear
21. Top place to buy sport sunglasses
22. Top place to buy swim equipment
23. Top Gym
24. Top Coach
25. Top Personal Trainer
26. Top Group fitness program
27. Top Physical therapist
28. Top Massage therapist
29. Top place for Sports Medicine
30. Top Pool for lap swimming
31. Top place for open water swimming
32. Top Bike path
33. Top Running Path
34. Top Biker bar
35. Top healthy restaurant
36. Top place to buy healthy food
37. Top coffee shop
38. Top Triathlon club
39. Top Running club
40. Top Cycling club
41. Top Triathlete, male
42. Top Triathlete, female
43. Top Distance Runner, male
44. Top Distance Runner, female
45. Top Swimmer, male
46. Top Swimmer, female
47. Top mountain biker, male
48. Top mountain biker, female
49. Top road cyclist, male
50. Top road cyclist, female
51. Top endurance sports website
52. Top monthly free Iowa endurance sports magazine
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