Group Fitness Instructor Evaluation

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1. What group fitness class did you attend?
2. What was the name of the instructor?
3. Rate the instructor:
Least EffectiveMost EffectiveN/A
Was the instructor on time?
Did the instructor appear confident?
Was it easy to hear & understand the instructor?
Was it easy to hear & understand the music?
Was the instructor happy, smiling, enthusiastic, etc?
Was the instructor receptive to questions and/or input?
Did the instructor provide intensity modifications?
Was the intensity of this class satisfactory to your needs?
Overall, did you enjoy the class?
4. Is there anything you would change about the group fitness class you took?
5. What group fitness classes do you take?
6. What group fitness classes would you like to see offered in the future?
7. What times would you like to see group fitness classes offered?
8. Please leave your email address, if you wish to be contacted by the viewer of this survey, as your opinions are valued.
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