Strategic Habitat Plan Annual Report

1. Please select the one description that best defines your conservation role:
2. If you are a Federal or State Agency Employee, Conservation Group Member, or Funding Contributor, please tell us which agency or organization you are affiliated with:
3. How often have you provided a copy of the SHP report to others in the last two years? This includes mentioning that it is available via a link on the WGFD website
4. Please list those to whom you supplied the report
5. Describe how often you use (e.g. read, refer to, etc.) the Strategic Habitat Plan Report after your initial review of the published report
6. What information in the SHP report do you find most useful? (Please select the top three)
7. Is the length of the report:
8. Is the technical detail about the habitat projects:
9. Please rank your preference for method of receiving or accessing the report:
Internet link
PDF file
Hard copy
10. Comment if desired on your preferred method of receiving the Strategic Habitat Plan report:
11. Do you want to remain on the mailing list for receiving annual notification of the report's availability?
12. Skip this question if you are NOT a G&F Habitat Biologist. How do you use the SHP report? Indicate all that apply
13. Skip this question if you are not a G&F contributor to the report. Annually a large number of G&F personnel contribute information that is collected in the SHP report. Please provide your opinions and suggestions for improving the process of producing the report:
14. Is there anything else you would like to comment about regarding the annual Strategic Habitat Plan report?
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