Self-Help Center Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please help us improve our service by answering the following questions. Thank you!
1. Date and time of arrival:
Date / Time:
2. Did you meet with a Self Help Center volunteer attorney?
3. How did you find out about the Self Help Center?
4. Which of the following resources, if any, will you use to answer additional questions you might have in the future? (check all that apply)
5. Did the Self Help Center staff or attorney refer you to outside resources or agencies that could help you?
6. Please rate the quality of the service you recieved today:
The information I recieved was...
The Bankruptcy Basics computer presentation was...
Compared to when I came in, my understanding of how to handle my case is...
Compared to when I came in, my ability to find helpful information in the future is...
The Court employees (not the volunteer lawyer) provided me with educational resources.
I believe my ability to retain a lawyer in my case is...
The way I was treated by Court employees (not the volunteer lawyer) was...
Overall, my experience in the Self Help Center was...
7. What could we do to improve the service we provide?
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