PAN 2011 Teacher Exit Survey

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1. Tell us about yourself.
2. How much did you learn about the following topics during PAN?
NothingNot muchA littleSomeA lot
Research at NSCL
Nuclear science
Applications of nuclear science
Presentation of research results
3. To what degree do you feel you benefited from these PAN activities?
Not muchA littleSomewhatA lot
Introduction to Nuclear Science (Remco Zegers)
Marble Nuclei (Zach Constan)
Nuclear Experimentation with MoNA(Artemis Spyrou)
Laboratory tour (Zach Constan)
MoNA Detector Physics (Thomas Baumann)
MoNA Experiment 1 - Oscilloscopes Tuesday (Daisuke Suzuki)
Astronomy (Brian O'Shea)
MoNA Experiment 2 - SpecTcl Wednesday (Jenna Smith)
Nuclear Theory (Wolfgang Bauer)
MoNA Experiment 3 - Thursday (Artemis Spyrou)
Nuclear Astrophysics (Richard Cyburt)
Demonstrations (David McCreight and Tibor Nagy)
Preparing a poster on MoNA experiments
Giving a poster on MoNA experiments
Evening activities
4. Please rate your current interest in teaching the following subjects.
Not interestedSomewhat interestedInterestedVery interestedExtremely interested
Nuclear Science
Nuclear Astrophysics
5. Please rate your current comfort with teaching the following subjects.
Not comfortableSomewhat comfortableComfortableVery comfortableExtremely comfortable
Nuclear Science
Nuclear Astrophysics
6. Please rate the desirability of Michigan State University for the following:
Not desirableSomewhat desirableDesirableVery desirableExtremely desirableUnknown
College education overall
Students pursuing a major in physics
Students pursuing a major in nuclear science
Students whom I have taught
7. On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being the worst or most negative response, while 5 is best or the most positive response), how would you rate the following?
Room 1400 BPS (where lectures were held)
MoNA vault and Data-U (where you did experiments)
Technical facilities (computers, etc)
Room and board accomodations (if you stayed in the dorm)
Catered lunches (in NSCL Atrium)
8. How do you think we balanced the following aspects of the program?
Would like moreJust rightPrefer less
Experiment Time
Time to prepare and present poster
Interaction with PAN faculty and staff
9. Rate the program overall.
DefinitelyProbablyPossiblyNot sureNo
Would you recommend this program to other teachers?
Would you recommend this program to high school students?
Did you enjoy this program?
10. Tell us more about your PAN experience.
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