PAN 2011 Student Exit Survey

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1. Identify yourself:
2. Think back to BEFORE you attended the program. Choose the response that best described you THEN.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo OpinionAgreeStrongly Agree
I planned to attend college.
I thought that a college degree was important.
I was interested in attending MSU for my college education.
I had confidence I could complete a college degree.
3. After attending this program, NOW what do you think?
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo OpinionAgreeStrongly Agree
I plan to attend college.
I think that a college degree is important.
I am interested in attending MSU for my college education.
I have confidence I could complete a college degree.
This program made me excited to go to college.
This program has better prepared me to attend college.
The MSU faculty/staff/students I worked with in this program gave me a positive impression of college.
The MSU faculty/staff/students involved this program helped me understand how to prepare for college.
During the coming year, I intend to collect more information about college.
This program has helped me understand the importance of doing well in academically challenging high school courses.
I plan to share what I’ve learned at this program with others in my community.
This program increased my interest in science.
This program increased my interest in technology.
This program increased my interest in engineering.
This program increased my interest in math.
This program helped me understand the college application process.
PAN has changed my understanding of what science/research careers involve/require.
This program has increased my knowledge of the different majors, career paths, and opportunities available at MSU in nuclear astrophysics.
Nuclear research is an important investment.
I understand what a science/research career involves/requires.
I am interested in learning more about nuclear astrophysics.
I am interested in majoring/minoring in nuclear astrophysics (or a related field: physics, astronomy) at the college level.
I am interested in nuclear astrophysics as a career path.
4. Attending this program developed skills I need to become a successful adult in the following areas:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo OpinionAgreeStrongly Agree
Adapting to new living arrangements
Being independent
Time management
Problem-solving skills
Working with a group
5. To what degree do you agree that you benefited from these PAN activities?
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo OpinionAgreeStrongly Agree
Marble Nuclei (Zach Constan)
Nuclear Experimentation with MoNA (Artemis Spyrou)
Laboratory tour (Zach Constan)
MoNA Detector Physics (Thomas Baumann)
MoNA Experiment 1 - Oscilloscopes Tuesday (Daisuke Suzuki)
Nuclear Theory (Wolfgang Bauer)
MoNA Experiment 2 - SpecTcl Wednesday (Jenna Smith)
Astronomy (Brian O'Shea)
Research Roundtable (grad students)
MoNA Experiment 3 - Thursday (Artemis Spyrou)
Nuclear Astrophysics (Richard Cyburt)
Preparing a poster on MoNA experiments
Giving a poster on MoNA experiments
Evening activities
6. These factors are important for students to have a successful PAN experience.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNo OpinionAgreeStrongly Agree
Previous science education
Previous math education
Past experience with other science camp
Teacher recommendations
Outgoing personality
Grades in school
Enthusiasm for physics
Maturity (regardless of age)
7. On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being the worst or most negative response, while 5 is best or the most positive response), how would you rate the following?
Seminar room (where lectures were held)
MoNA vault and Data-U (where you did experiments)
Technical facilities (computers, etc)
Room and board accomodations (if you stayed in the dorm)
Catered lunches (in NSCL Atrium)
8. How well do you think we balanced the following aspects of the program?
Would like moreJust rightPrefer less
Experiment Time
Time to prepare and present poster
Interaction with PAN faculty and staff
9. Rate the program overall.
DefinitelyProbablyPossiblyNot sureNo
Would you recommend this program to a teacher?
Would you recommend this program to other high school students?
Did you enjoy this program?
Has PAN increased your interest in science?
Will PAN influence your career plans or future course selections?
10. Tell us more about your PAN experience.
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