BFF Survey for AM13

Give us the 411 on you and your bestie

What's the real deal on you and your bestest? Fill us in on everything that makes you fabulous!
1. What's your first name and last initial?
2. How old are you?
3. Is your best friend a girl or a guy?
4. How many best friends do you have?
5. How long have you and your bestie been friends?
6. What separates a "good friend" from a "best friend"?
7. How did you know your best friend was, well, your best friend? Was there a particular moment or feeling? Tell us about it!
8. Do you and your bestie have a "thing"--secret handshake, inside joke, standing Saturday night sleepover, nicknames for each other? What is it?
9. What's your best best friend advice?
10. What's one thing a best friend should ALWAYS do?
11. What makes your best friend awesome?
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