Computers at Senate House Library Survey

1. Please indicate your membership status:
2. Do you use a computer in the Library?
3. How happy are you with the existing computer facilities at the Library?
Very unhappyUnhappySlightly UnhappySlightly HappyHappyVery Happy
The number of PCs available
Reliability of Library PCs
Ease of use of Library PCs
Space to use your own devices
PC network connectivity
The range of software on Library PCs
Connecting your device to WiFi
4. Are you happy with the level of IT support you receive in the Library?
Very UnhappyUnhappySlightly UnhappySlightly HappyHappyVery Happy
Staff service points
Help connecting to WiFi
Help with catalogue / digital resources
5. What do you do on the computer?
6. How do you save and move your documents?
7. Please provide any other comments about your experience using computers or IT support at the Library.
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