RUSA Midwinter Institute/Annual Preconference Proposal Form

RUSA Midwinter Institute/Annual Conference Preconference Proposal Form

Please complete this form by June 30. In completing this form, you are proposing an institute for the Midwinter Meeting 6 months from the time of this proposal submission, or a preconference for the Annual Conference 12 months from the time of this proposal submission.

Institutes and preconferences are essentially the same thing: half or full day workshops held on the Friday prior to one of our meetings; they’re just called different things.

The RUSA Board will review the workshops and funding requests and make their approval decisions by July 31.
1. This proposal is for:
2. Name of RUSA unit proposing program:
3. First program chair’s information:
4. If applicable, second program chair’s information
5. Proposed institute or preconference title

* Please note that institute titles are FINAL! Preconference titles must be finalized by Sept. 1!
6. All workshops are held on the Friday at the beginning of Midwinter or Annual. Workshops can be full or half day. Half-day events are typically held in the mornings.

Please select your desired Start and End times.
Start TimeEnd Time
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