DCSO Forensic Services Division Survey 2014

1. About You?
2. Units you interact with
3. How often do you interact with the Forensic Services Division?
4. Timeliness of responses for additional information, case status or similar inquiries.
5. Reports are comprehensive and easy to understand?
6. What aspect are you most satisfied by?
7. If offered would you use the following services at DCSO-Forensic Services Division
DefinitelyMaybeNoNot needed
Shoe Comparison
Tire Comparison
Serial Number Restoration
Gun Shot Residue
Toxicology, other than Blood Alcohol
Forensic Graphics (court presentations)
Facial Composite/Reconstruction
Computer/ Cell Phone Forensics
8. Continual Improvement is important to us. Please provide any suggestions.
9. Other Comments
10. Contact Information (optional)
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