Life Teen Women's Retreat 2010

1. Life Teen Women's Retreat Evaluation

Thank you for attending the 2010 Life Teen Women's Retreat at Camp Covecrest! Please take a moment to complete a brief evaluation. Your feedback helps us to improve our ministry and is greatly appreciated.
1. How did you hear about the Life Teen Women's Retreat?
2. Please rate your overall retreat experience.
3. Please rate the following:
Extremely SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedExtremely Dissatisfied
Registration process
Information provided prior to arrival
Airport shuttle
Check in for retreat
Retreat Facility
Hospitality of Staff
4. What did you enjoy most about the retreat?
5. Do you have suggestions for future themes or topic for the annual Women's Retreat?
6. Would like to receive information about future Life Teen events or trainings? We send out a monthly newsletter via email plus do periodic mailings.
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