Volunteer Interests and Scheduling

1. Please indicate on what basis you would feel most comfortable working with the Sustainable Living Project & Local Living Venture.
(Please check as many as apply)
2. Which Local Living Venture activities are you interested in participating in ?
Please select as many as apply.
3. Which capacity building endeavors would you be interested in participating in for the benefit of the Sustainable Living Project of the North Country ?
Please check as many as apply.
4. Your contact information is essential in order to "plug you in" to the area(s) you referenced above.
5. Please indicate days / times you are generally available for committee or meeting dates, if applicable.
Please also note in the Comments section if you're BUSY on certain dates (e.g., third Thursdays, etc.) or other relevant information.
10 AM1 PM4 / 4:30 PM7 PM
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