SIP - How do you create music?

1. Which sort(s) of music do you write/create?
2. What Programs/Instruments most influence you're creation? (pick the main 3)
3. Do you have an opinion on your own music, and if so, what?
4. How do you come up with Melodies, drum lines and other parts of music?
5. Do you have a particular habit that helps you be creative/inspires you?
6. How did you originally get into writing music?
7. Do you listen to music from other artists, and if so, who?
8. Do you have a place online or elsewhere (eg. youtube, a forum, at a convention, gigs) where you display/demonstrate your music, and if so, where?
9. Do you get other people's feedback on your music, and do you act upon this feedback?
10. Do you compose a song in one go, or do it over a longer period of time?
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