2014 BP MS 150 Safe Cycling Challenge


Because We Can

*Technical difficulties have been reported when using Internet Explorer 9. If you experience difficulties, please upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 or use an earlier version of Internet Explorer to complete the challenge while we work to correct the issue with IE9. (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers have not been affected.)

This online Safe Cycling Challenge is intended for educational purposes only. It is not a pass/fail test so feel free to take it as many times as you'd like. The questions have been designed to increase your knowledge and awareness of a broad range of cycling safety practices that you are likely to experience during training rides and the BP MS 150 event itself.

Answers and other related information are available under the Training and Safety tab at www.bpms150.net

This tool has been prepared by the BP MS 150 Safety Committee whose aspiration is to complete this annual event with zero harm to its riders, volunteers, organizers, and the wonderful communities who open up their hearts and doors to us.

Please send any feedback to Barry Turner at Barry.Turner@nmss.org

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