Residence Hall Community Partnership Evaluation for Students

1. Gender:
2. Which dorm partnership did you participate in?
3. The service-learning I did this semester was worthwhile.
4. My Community Partnership Coordinators were helpful in facilitating my and other students' service-learning this year.
5. I learned more about Grand Rapids through my service-learning.
6. I feel that my contribution made a real difference to the community partner's ability to achieve its mission and goals.
7. I feel that our community partner provided a learning environment for Calvin students.
8. Participation in my residence hall community partnership was encouraged by: (select all that apply)
9. What mode of transportation did you use to get to your community partner? (Mark all that apply)
10. What motivated you to participate in your residence hall community partnership this year?
11. Identify some strengths in the community in which you did service-learning.
12. Identify some challenges people face in the community in which you did your service-learning.
13. What are some ways in which the community is addressing these challenges?
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