House of Earnest - 2nd Anniversary

1. First things first... How often do you visit House of Earnest
2. What is your favorite type of post to see (rank from 1 being your most favorite and 7 being your least favorite)
Projects I do in my home
Step by Step DIYs and Tutorials
Inspiration photos from influential homes around the world
Floral Styling and Design
Event and Party Tips
Upcoming Trends in Home Decor
3. What do you wish you saw more of?
4. When it comes to DIYs specifically, what do you love seeing?
5. Where do you typically shop for home decor items?
6. How much do you typically spend on home decor and accessories each month?
7. How often do you entertain each month?
8. On to the necessary, but not as fun...

What is your gender?
9. What is your age range?
10. On which social media platform do you follow/like House of Earnest
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