"Book Repair Basics for Libraries" Webinar

1. Participant Evaluation

Thank you for attending this webinar. We apologize if you were amoung the many that were unable to watch the live session. We were using a different webinar software for this event because of the need to share video. We were unaware of the access problems we would experience. The system locked up on us early on in the registration process due to the large number of people that tried to access the webinar at the same time. Again, we do apologize for the technical problems we experienced with this webinar.

We hope you enjoyed the webinar. Please use this form to tell us what you thought about the presentation and what other events you would like ALCTS to offer.
1. The content of the Webinar "Book Repair Basics for Libraries"
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree or DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
was extremely valuable
provided enough detail
was current & relevant
was cohesive & logical
was appropriate to my needs
met its stated objectives
2. Overall, the presenters (Peter Verheyen and Marianne Hanley)
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree or DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
were knowledgeable
had good presentation skills
addressed my level of understanding
were prepared
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