Artists Count: Mapping Artists in the St. Louis Region - Rev#1

1. Artists Count: Mapping Artists in the St. Louis Region

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The mission of the St Louis Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is to provide financial and organizational support to the artists and arts organizations of the region. We believe a thriving artists' community is essential to both community cultural vitality and a healthy region. Given this, RAC wants to get a better understanding of how artists function and what they need to thrive in the communities we serve. The purpose of this survey is to learn more about St. Louis region's creative ecosystem, and improve the ways in which artists receive support. It is only through input from artists like you that this goal can be reached. So, we would very much appreciate your taking the time to respond to the following questions. Thank you for your willingness to participate. This survey is being conducted by an independent evaluator working with The Center for the Study of Art & Community. Please be assured that your responses are anonymous. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not finish the survey you can return using the link provided as long as you log on with the same computer. If you experience any problems with the survey please contact Rebecca Raynes at the Regional Arts Commission. Email Me
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In order to assure that the programs of the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission reach all of the parts (age, culture, disciplines, for example) of the arts community, we need some basic information about who the artists of the region are.
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