RA/HM Reference Form 2014-2015


The Resident Advisor/House Manager is a staff member within the division of Student Affairs who works towards the goal of maximizing the quality of residence hall life and greek life by helping students meet their academic, social, and personal potential within a cooperative living environment. Persons in this position are involved in helping and advising individual students, assisting in the management of the residence halls and greek houses, providing leadership and initiative in developing diverse opportunities for student growth, and supporting and enforcing all university policies.

This form is designed to assist in evaluating the applicants for the RA/HM position. Your candid comments will play an important part in the selection process. Please comment on the applicant’s dependability, understanding and acceptance of differences, ability to cope with criticism, problem areas, and any other relevant information.

Thank you for your time.

Please complete this form no later than Monday December 17, 2013.
1. Please Complete:
2. How long and in what capacity have you known this candidate?
3. How well does this candidate relate to students?
4. How has this candidate demonstrated that they are reliable?
5. What strengths does this candidate have that qualify him/her for this position?
6. What factors might limit this candidate’s performance?
7. Please rate the candidate in the following areas:
5=Very Strong;Few college students compare
4=Strong; Demonstrates ability often
3=Adequate; Average Ability
2=Needs Improvement; Could be satisfactory with training
1= Very Concerning; Extremely Weak
Listening Skills
Organizational Skills
Ability to Take Initiative
Interactions with Others
Appreciation of Differences\
8. Additional Comments:
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