Request for a research consultation

1. Describe your research topic.
e.g., I am interested in identifying the leading candidates to replace Chromium in making aerospace materials.
2. Write down the main concepts from the description of your research topic.
e.g., replace (concept 1), Chromium (concept 2), aerospace (concept 3)
3. List synonyms for each concept. Separate synonyms with the word, OR.
e.g., aerospace OR airplanes OR jets OR helicopters
4. Did you already conduct a search on your research topic?
5. If yes to the previous question, which database(s) did you search and what was your search strategy?
6. How can I help?
7. Please enter your name and email address:
Thank you for completing the form. I will be in touch by the next weekday. Please click on the "Done" button to submit your responses.
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