Dog Survey

1. What do you enjoy most on your dog walk?
2. How engaged are you with your local dog community (1-5)?
1 = Avoid other dog owners
5 = running dog meetups in local parks
3. Would you like to be more involved with the local dog community? (Socialize your dog more, take part in local dog meetups, see the most popular dog parks and allow your dog to become the top dog of a park)
4. How many dog owners are you friendly with?
5. When you have an outstanding experience with a dog related product (food, toys, treats or services), how many dog owners do you normally recommend them to?
6. What features would you want in a social network for dog owners? Please select all that apply.
7. How much would you pay for a quality application with such features?
8. How much would you pay for a quality application with such features that donates 10% of profits to a dog related charity?
9. How old are you?
10. Thanks for helping out! We plan to make your dog community a better place for you as an owner and your dog!

If you have any other comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them so feel free to leave them below!

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