Library Value Stories

What is the value of your library--and your professional service--to the practitioners you work with?

We'd like to hear your comments and stories--and share them with your colleagues and on the Web in an ongoing campaign for medical librarian visibility, expertise, and value.

Examples include:
* How much money have you saved your institution by being a member of a library purchasing consortium?
* If you've done mediated searches for practitioners, have they told you it helped them with patient care or saved them time?
* If you've trained users to search expert databases, have they told you they can now search better and find the information they need faster?
* How much might your in-house collection or licensed resources save your institution over ILL or Lonesome Doc fees?
* Might you have used the Midcontinental Region NN/LM value calculator to estimate the retail value of your library's services? What was your result?
* If you serve patients or families in a consumer health library, have you helped someone feel better about a family member's disease, treatment, or outcome?
* Have you started a new service or taken on a new role that has gotten the library positive visibility or comments?
* Have you surveyed your users and have positive, anonymous comments you want to share?

Thanks in advance for your help!