General Tutoring Survey

1. Did you know that tutoring is offered as a free service to Millersville University students through the Tutoring Center located at 355 Lyle Hall (717/871-2420)?
2. Do you feel that tutoring is essential to your academic success?
3. Have you sought tutoring through the Tutoring Center?
4. If you received tutoring through the Tutoring Center, please rate the following:
ExcellentGoodAverageBelow AveragePoorN/A
Individual Tutoring
Group Tutoring
Tutoring Center Location
Tutoring Center Hours
Tutoring Center Staff
Initial Meetings
Overall Quality
5. If you received tutoring through the Tutoring Center, did your grade improve in the course in which you were tutored?
6. Would you be interested in online tutoring?
7. How likely are you to return to the Tutoring Center for future tutoring services?
8. Would you recommend the Tutoring Center to others?
9. Are you aware of the workshops offered by the Tutoring Center?
10. How likely are you to attend a workshop on the following?
Highly LikelyLikelyUnsureNot LikelyNo Way
Note-taking & Study Skills
Time Management & Organization Skills
Study Skills to Prepare for Midterms/Finals
Tools for Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking for Reading
Critical Thinking for Writing
Scientific Thinking
Analytical Thinking
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