Salina Public Library Communication Survey 2013

1. In general, I find out about local events, concerts and activities from (mark all that apply):
2. I find out about library activities and services from (mark all that apply):
3. I wish I heard more about the library from (mark all that apply):
4. What library activities and services would you like to hear more about?
I would like to hear more.I hear just the right amount.I would like to hear less.
Children’s activities (story times, arts and crafts, special events)
Technology classes
Activities for adults (genealogy club, book discussion, Pinterest group)
CLASS courses (Courses on a variety of topics that require pre-registration and payment)
New books, ebooks, audiobooks, movies and music
Research resources and databases
5. On a scale of 1-5, rate how strongly you associate the following words with the library, 5 being strongly associated and 1 being not associated at all:
1:Don't associate2345: Strongly associate
6. What is your gender?
7. What is your age?
8. Please add any additional suggestions or comments:
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