Play On Words game -- Word Game Lovers Survey
Thanks for wanting to take this Word Game Lovers survey! At Play On Words we're nuts about word games, and we're thinking we've found a pretty good angle on a new one. Please complete the below to let us know the type of word games you enjoy.
1. Enter your first name and city (optional).
2. What are your favorite tile/grid-style word games? Rate them on a scale of 1-7 below (leave any you haven't played blank).
1 - Don't like it2 -3 - Like a little4 -5 - Like it a lot6 -7 - Love it
Words with Friends (online play)
Wheel of Fortune (watching on TV)
Crosswords puzzles
Other -- please enter in box below
3. Which of the games below do you own?
4. Of the games you rated the highest in Question #1, please state their name(s) below & tell me reasons why you like them the best.
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