Moreland Preschool Parent Survey

1. Section one:

Thank you taking the time to complete this survey for the Moreland Preschool! The information we gather from this survey will help us identify our strengths, and where we need to grow to best serve your child's needs. There are four sections in this survey,and it should take about ten minutes to fill out. Thank you for participating.
1. I feel that my child's needs are met in the preschool program.
2. I feel that my child's experience in the preschool benefit him/her.
3. My child feels welcome in their classroom.
4. I feel my child is safe in the preschool program.
5. I feel my child's experience in the preschool program is positive.
6. I feel the preschool program increases my child's learning and development.
7. I am satisfied with the preschool staff's experience and training.
8. The Moreland Preschool program has lived up to my expectations for my child's preschool experience.
9. I am satisfied with the overall quality of the preschool program.
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