QSR Parent Survey

Parent Survey

1. What is your district?
2. What is your school name?
3. Select your relationship to the child or children at this school.
4. My child or children is/are in grade: (select all that apply)
5. I feel welcome at my child's school.
6. I am informed about my child's progress.
7. I know what my child's teacher expects of my child.
8. My child is safe at school.
9. My child is safe going to and from school.
10. There is adequate playground and lunch supervision during school.
11. The teachers show respect for the students.
12. The students show respect for other students.
13. The school meets the academic needs of the students.
14. The school expects quality work of its students.
15. The school has an excellent learning environment.
16. I know how well my child is progressing in school.
17. My child receives additional academic services (after school, tutoring, Saturday, etc.) if she or he is struggling academically.
18. I respect the school's teachers.
19. I respect the school's principal.
20. The work at this school is challenging.
21. Overall, the school performs well academically.
22. My child's teacher helps me to help my child learn at home.
23. I support my child's learning at home.
24. English is the primary language spoken in our home.
25. I am kept aware of school programs and activities by means of: (Select all that apply.)
26. What do you like most about your child's school?
27. What do you like least about your child's school?
28. What would you do to make the school better for student learning?
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