2012 BEST Summer Institute Evaluation & Certificate

Your thoughtful feedback will shape the next BEST Summer Institute. Thanks. Please complete the first question using a scale from 1 to 4, with "1" being the lowest and "4" being the highest, with two gradations in between.
1. How satisfied were you with the overall value, content, and quality of the BEST Summer Institute? Please check one:
For questions 2 through 9, please make the correct selection using each drop down menu, or using a scale from 1 to 5, with "1" being the lowest, "3" in the middle, "5" being the highest, and two gradations in between.

2. My Strand leader was
The overall quality of my strand was:
3. The overall quality of Team Time was:
4. My Resource Consultant was:
The overall ability of our Resource Consultant to meet our team's needs was:
5. Wednesday's Intensive Workshop: I attended
The overall quality of this workshop was:
6. The overall quality of the keynote speaker, Robert Brooks was:
The overall quality of the keynote speaker, Helen Beattie was:
The overall quality of the keynote speaker, Alexa Posny was:
8. The overall organization of the week was:
9. Overall, the facility for the BEST Summer Institute was:
What other information would be helpful for us to know that we didn't ask?
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