Employer Event Request

First and last name of person making request
Name of Organization/Company
Contact email and phone number
Please indicate the primary type of service you are requesting. If your specific request is not represented, please write it in the "other" field.
What type of accomodations will you require? i.e. number of interview rooms needed, classroom with projector, etc.
How many people will be attending from your organization--Please include total number.
Select the preferred days and times you'd like to be on campus.
If you have a preference for date(s) of presentation or service provision, please list. However, please be advised that we may be unable to accommodate any specific date. Please list as 1st Choice and 2nd Choice if applicable.
Please send advertisement materials to rhoover@uscb.edu. If there is anything else you need to specify for your request, please include it here.
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