TFE Orientation 

This short survey/quiz is a review of some of the essential topics covered during the Spring 2014 TFE Orientation Sessions for students planning to enter TFE in the fall. This Orientation is a required prerequisite for TFE and satisfactorily completing this survey, is a remedy for those students who did not attend one of the previously offered sessions.

Before beginning this survey, you will need to have viewed: (1) the PowerPoint slides and (2) Section One of the 2013-14 TFE Handbook which are both available on the TFE website homepage. This survey must be completed prior to your coming in to Supervised Ministries to register for TFE. You will be notified with your results within approximately 24 office hours with instructions for your next step.

If you do not successfully complete this survey you will be instructed to retake it, prior to coming in to register for TFE in Supervised Ministries.
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