American University Bicycle Use and Attitudes Questionnaire

1. Which of the following best describes you?
2. If you live off campus, how do you usually get to campus? Select all that apply.
3. If you live on campus, how do you usually get around off campus? Select all that apply.
4. How often do you ride a bike to and from campus?
5. What would you say is the main reason you don't bike more often?
6. If you ride a bike to and from campus, what is your usual route? Include street names if possible.
7. If you own a bike, what is its approximate value?
8. Where do you usually store your bike on campus?
9. If you usually store your bike at a bike rack, which one do you usually use? Please indicate the location and/or the type of bike rack.
10. Have you ever been involved in an accident while cycling near the AU campus?
11. How often do you do each of the following while riding a bike?
Wear a helmet
Use a light and reflective clothing at night
Obey all traffic laws (be honest now)
Ride on sidewalks
Use hand signals when turning
12. And, how often do you do each of these?
AlwaysUsuallySometimesOccasionallyNeverNot applicable
Lock up your bike when not in use
Use a designated bike rack to store your bike
Take your bike on Metro or other public transit
Rent a bike from the Capital Bikeshare program
13. Overall, how would you describe your biking experience on and around AU?
14. What can the university do to make your cycling experience more pleasant? Select all that apply.
15. Do you agree that more AU students, faculty, and staff would choose to ride a bike if...
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeNot applicable
there were more indoor or covered places to store bikes on campus?
bicycle storage on campus were more secure?
there were more bike paths on campus?
there were more bike routes to and from campus?
there were more options for renting or borrowing bicycles?
16. Do you have any suggestions for making AU a more bike friendly campus?
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