Helping, Giving, Sharing and Saving FREE ADVICE

Helping, Giving, Sharing and Saving

Helping all Friend Acquaintances. Sharing Information that will change a life. Hey I'm only providing a CHOICE not Selling a thing OK
1. Do you help out others like Family, Friends and Acquaintances
2. Would you allow others to do you a favor
3. If I could match or save you money on your, Home phone, Internet, Mobiles, Electricity or Gas accounts (UTILITIES) would you give us the opportunity to try?
4. How much do you spend on your Utilities each month. That we all us each and every day
over 100over 200over 400over 700To much
$ Value
5. Services (Utilities I provide) which ones do you use
6. How would you like to be contacted
7. I am working for a development company who are leading a billion $ expansion within your area.
Can I take a moment of you time, as it is very IMPORTANT?
8. Have you visited my website ?
9. Have you contact Ean with your detail / Via email to make an appointment
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