BUS 418: Mustang Daily Survey

1. How often do you read the Mustang Daily?
2. How often do you visit Mustangdaily.net?
3. How important are the following types of news to you?
Not at AllNot VeryNeutralSomewhatVery
Campus News
World news
4. How well do the following satisfy your news/entertainment needs?
Not at AllNot VeryNeutralSomewhatVery
Mustang Daily (Print)
Mustang Daily Mobile Application
5. Please rate how much you would like to see the following features on the Mustang Daily website and application.
Not at AllNot Very MuchNeutralSomewhatVery Much
More Student Polling
Comment Rating
Personalized Newsfeed
Voting on News Stories
Simplified Viewing
6. How likely are you to make a profile on Mustangdaily.net in order to personalize
your news feed?
Not at AllNot Very LikelyNeutralSomewhatVery Likely
7. Please select your gender.
8. What college do you belong to?
9. What year are you?
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