Bearcats Transportation System Neighborhood Survey


Nearby Neighborhood Map
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Thank you for visiting the BTS Neighborhood Survey! Your input and that of other students living in the Clifton neighborhood and surrounding communities is vitally important to the continued improvement of the Bearcats Transportation System.

Please answer the following questions below to the best of your ability. When you are finished, please direct your friends to this survey with the following link:

The more responses we receive, the better we can help serve your needs!

Thank you!
1. Using the map above, please select the numbered region that your residency currently falls under. If your residency does not reside in any of these regions, please select 'Other'.
2. OPTIONAL: If you selected "Other" in question one, or even if not, please give more information below so that we can better serve you. No personal information is collected from this survey.
3. During what time of the day do you most frequently need to use the BTS?
4. During what times of the day is your current shuttle route most crowded?
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