Survey For Women

1. Survey for women Part 1

1. I am a women between the age of:
2. I am
3. Do you think it's common for women in your age group to watch pornography?
4. Do you ever think about watching a porno movie?
5. How often do you watch porn?
6. Do you have the same taste in porn as you assume that men have?
7. Do you find porn sexually arousing?
8. Do you only watch porn with your partner or alone?
9. Do you feel self conscious about your body appearance during or after watching pornography?
10. Does dirty talking in porn movies arouse you? And what about in real life?
11. How important are the decor, set-up, outfits in a porn movie?
12. How important is the plot of a porn movie to you?
13. How often do you masturbate?
14. Have you satisfied all your sexual fantasies?
15. Do you recognize some of your sexual fantasies in porn movies?
16. Choose the 3 Categories you like the most.
17. Choose the 3 Categories like the least.
18. Does the attention to facial cumshots and and cumshots in general in porn movies bother you?
19. What are your favorite moments in a porn scene?
20. Do you enjoy watching a scene with a girl having sex with more then one man?
21. Give us at least one comment below about what kind of porn you would love to see more often. Thank you!
22. Just to confirm, I am
23. Thank you for your participation!
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