Welcome to Pikes Peak - America's Mountain visitor survey.  We appreciate your time to complete this survey. You'll have the opportunity to enter our weekly drawing for a chance to win a Pikes Peak T-Shirt.  Thank you - we appreciate your feedback.
1. What was the date of your visit?
2. Q2 2015 Please provide the number of adults, adult seniors, and children in your group visiting Pikes Peak-America's Mountain.
1234 or more
Children Younger than 5 yr
Children Six yr to 15 yr
Adults 16 years & older
Senior Adults 55 years +
3. Please identify the number of children, adults, and seniors in your group on this trip to Pikes Peak-America's Mountain.
Children: 6 to 15Adult: 16 years & olderSeniors 55+
Pikes Peak Visitors
4. Q3 2015 What brought you to the Pikes Peak Region and Pikes Peak-America's Mountain?
5. Which best describes the purpose of your travel to Pikes Peak Region and Pikes Peak- America's Mountain?
6. Q4 2015 How did you learn of Pikes Peak Highway and Pikes Peak-America's Mountain?
7. How did you hear about us?
8. Q5 2015 Please select the Pikes Peak-America's Mountain Recreational activities you enjoyed during your visit to Pikes Peak. (Please select all that apply)
9. Which of the following recreational activities did you enjoy during your visit?
10. Q6 2015 Please identify all of the Pikes Peak-America's Mountain areas you visited. (please select all that apply)
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