Community Cycles PedalSmart Survey: Getting Started

1. Name
2. Company
3. How did you commute to work during this past week?
BicycleBusCarCombined bike & busWalkedN/A
4. Was this past week a typical week in terms of commuting to and from work?
5. How far is your commute to work, one way?
6. On average, how many miles did you ride your bike last week for commuting, errands, exercise, pleasure, etc...?
7. Would you characterize last week as a typical week in terms of how many miles you rode your bike? If no, do you typically ride MORE or LESS than the past week?
8. If you don't own a bike why not?
9. Part of this program will offer educational classes for cyclists. Which of the following topics interest you?
10. Based upon your work schedule, what is best time for a brown bag luncheon to happen? Is 11am-12pm good, or does 12pm-1pm work better?
11. If you do not currently commute via bike, or you commute via bike infrequently, what is stopping you from biking more frequently?
Unsafe road conditions
Speed volume of traffic
No easy access to bike trails from where I live
Don't know bike trails
Destinations too far from where I live
It's too much of a hassle
My bike is uncomfortable
I don't have good gear (bike, helmet, clothes, bike-bags, etc...)
Not enough time
Weather conditions
There isn't a shower/changing area at work
Commute by bike is too long
Would fear bike breaking down (ex. getting a flat tire)
12. Did your company have a team for Bike-To-Work-Day, and if so did you participate?
13. Thank you for your participation. Please visit: to learn more about your local bike coop, and if you have any additional comments please feel free to share them with us. Thanks again!
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