PYSA Coach Evaluations

1. Coach Name (First and Last)
2. Season and Year you are evaluating:
3. The coach demonstrated ample knowledge of the game of soccer.
4. My child enjoyed practices.
5. My child’s ball skills have improved while playing under this coach.
6. The coach communicated well with the parents and children.
7. During games, the coach acted in a professional manner.
8. The coach provided adequate positive feedback to my child.
9. The coach’s expectations of my child were clearly communicated.
10. I would like my child to play for this coach again.
11. Please list any recommendations you have to help the coach improve:
12. Please list any particular strengths of the coach:
13. Please list any other comments you would like:
14. I am a:
15. Name (Optional)
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this evaluation and help us continually improve the environment for our players.
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