Economic Forum 2014

1. First Name
2. Last name
3. Primary e-mail (So a thank-you can be sent for your participation)
4. Confirm
5. I think the local economy is
6. I think the U.S. economy is
7. In a year, I think my family will be
8. My community (i.e. Kleberg County) is supportive of business owners.
9. State and local government provide good support to businesses.
10. Texas A&M University-Kingsville is supportive of business owners.
11. Please rank each option numerically in order of importance to the local business community (with 1 being the most important): Every item should get a different ranking.
City beautification
Other items you would have included
12. Assuming Kleberg County receives a grant allowing it to spend an additional $100,000. How would you direct the government officials to allocate this money? (Total of distributed amounts should equal $100,000. You can forgo funding of one or more accounts.)
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