Leeward CC Writing Center Feedback Survey (AY12-13)

To help us continue to improve our services, please share your feedback:
1. Name of writing consultant you worked with:
2. Name of course or subject you worked on:
3. Please select the responses that best describe your session today:
YES, very muchYES, sort ofNot sureNO, not reallyNO, not at all
The writing consultant was friendly, and I felt comfortable working with him/her.
I was able to ask the questions and talk about the things I wanted to discuss.
The writing consultant listened to and understood my questions and concerns.
Working with the writing consultant helped me improve my writing and/or my understanding of the work we discussed.
The writing consultant helped me plan what I could do to continue working on my writing and/or the work we discussed.
I would recommend this writing consultant to other students.
Today's session was a positive and helpful experience.
I plan to use the Writing Center's services again.
I would recommend the Writing Center to other students.
Thank you very much for sharing your feedback about your session. We value and appreciate your help.
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