Political Demographics of r/NorthernIreland

1. Number the political parties in Northern Ireland that you feel best represent you and your views starting from 1 (best). Please select N/A for any parties you would not consider voting for.
N/AAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
N/ACommunist Party of Ireland
N/ACommunist Party of Ireland (CPI)
N/ADemocratic Unionist Party (DUP)
N/AFianna Fáil (FF)
N/AGreen Party in Northern Ireland
N/AIrish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP)
N/ALabour – Federation of Labour Groups
N/APeople Before Profit Alliance
N/AProgressive Unionist Party (PUP)
N/ARepublican Network for Unity (RNU)
N/ARepublican Sinn Féin (RSF)
N/ASinn Féin (SF)
N/ASocial Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)
N/ASocialist Party
N/ASocialist Workers Party
N/ATraditional Unionist Voice (TUV)
N/AUlster Christian Democratic Party
N/AUlster Political Research Group (UPRG)
N/AUlster Third Way
N/AUlster Unionist Party (UUP)
N/AUnited Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)
N/AWorkers' Party of Ireland
N/AWorkers' Party of Ireland (WPI)
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