JCMS 50th Anniversary Competition: 50 Years of Leading the EU Research Agenda

For each era of the Journal, please rank the short-listed articles, with 1 being the article that you consider to be the best. The articles are available to read online at www.uaces.org/gold
2002 - 2011
Follesdal, A. , Hix, S. (2006) Why is There a Democratic Deficit in the EU?
Sapir, A. (2006) Globalization and the Reform of European Social Models
Manners, I. (2002) Normative Power Europe: A Contradiction in Terms?
Olsen, J. (2002) The Many Faces of Europeanization
Scharpf, F. (2002) The European social model: Coping with the challenges of diversity
1992 - 2001
Caporaso, J. (1996) The European Union and Forms of State: Westphalian, Regulatory or Post-Modern?
Marks, G; Hooghe, L; Blank, K (1996) European integration from the 1980s: State-centric v Multi-Level Governance
Hill (1993) The Capability-Expectations Gap, or Conceptualizing Europe’s International Role
Majone, G. (1993) The European Community between Social Policy and Social Regulation
Moravcsik, A (1993) Preferences and Power in the European Community
1982 - 1991
Hayes-Renshaw, F., Lequesne, C. & Lopez, P.M. (1989) The Permanent Representations of the Member States to the European Communities
L. Alan Winters (1987) Britain in Europe: a Survey of Quantitative Trade Studies
Bulmer, S. (1983) Domestic Politics and European Community Policy-Making
Wallace, W. (1982) Europe as a Confederation: the Community and the Nation-State
Weiler, J. (1982) Community, Member States and European Integration: Is Law Relevant?
1972 - 1981
Simonian, H. (1981) France, Germany and Europe
Pelkmans, J. (1980) Economic Theories of Integration Revisited
Pinder, J. (1979) Integration in Western and Eastern Europe: Relations Between the EC and CMEA
Wallace, H. (1979) Direct Elections and the Political Dynamics of the European Communities
Dashwood, A. (1978) The Principle of Direct Effect in European Community Law
1962 - 1971
Puchala, D. (1971) Of Blind Men, Elephants and International Integration
Taylor, P. (1968) The Concept of Community and the European Integration Process
Lindberg, L. (1967) The European Community as a Political System: Notes Toward the Construction of a Model
Mitrany, D. (1965) The Prospect of Integration: Federal or Functional
Deutsch, K. (1963) Supranational Organizations in the 1960s