2011 New York YC Invitational Cup Fantasy Sailing Competition

The New York YC's second Invitational Cup will run from Tuesday, Sept. 13, through Saturday, Sept. 18. The inaugural competition, a true one-design regatta featuring some of the world's most renown yacht clubs, was a tremendous success. This time around, with more teams competing, and more teams aware of the level of sailing required to win, it should be even better. Of course the big question is who's going to win? Well, let's make it a little more interesting.
Pick the top five teams, then answer two tiebreakers. The winner will get a prize package, which is yet to be determined, but will be announced shortly. All entries must be in before the start of racing on Tuesday (11 a.m., EDT)
For more on the regatta, see http://invitationalcup.org/
1. What is your name?
2. What is your email?
3. Are you revising a previous entry?
4. Select the teams you think will finish first through fifth in the 2011 Invitational Cup. Please select carefully. Selecting any team more than once will invalidate your entry. Your total points will be the sum of the differences between your predicted finishes for each team and their actual finishes. Lowest total wins. For more on each team, including a full roster, go to http://invitationalcup.org/participating-clubs
Entries, 2011 Invitational Cup: Club, country, skipper (boat)
5. Tiebreaker No. 1: What team will win the most individual races?
6. Tiebreaker No. 2: Which team will finish last?
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