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1. What type of activities do you enjoy while pregnant?
2. Please rate the following qualities of a maternity active wear pant.
Extremely ImportantImportantDoesn't Matter MuchDeal BreakerN/A
Ease of Care
3. Do you worry about looking good for your loved one while you're pregnant?
4. Would you buy a maternity active wear pant that was not only fashionable but comfortable if you did not own a pair already?
5. Would you stay at home during your pregnancy or work throughout your pregnancy?
6. Where do you shop for your active wear?
7. Do you already have children?
8. Do you wear maternity bands? If so do you like wearing them? And if you are not pregnant yet have you considered purchasing one?
9. What percentage of your clothing shopping do you do in stores versus online?
10. Please indicate how satisfied you are/were with the choices available to you for appropriate maternity active wear clothing.
Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNeutralSomewhat DissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
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